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Frustration-free server hosting specially designed for Rust. Dead simple server setup and admin.

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How we are different


Always Updated

Forget about updating Rust and Oxide. Whenever there is a new version, your server will be updated automatically with minimal downtime.


Server Admin Simplified

Admin your server like a pro, with the most helpful control panel ever built for Rust. Automate your admin tasks with just a few clicks.


Crafted only for Rust

Crafted only for Rust, is dedicated to provide the best hosting and admin solution for Rust.

Features you love

Free 24-hour trial

Sign up for 24-hour free trial so you can try it yourself, no credit card info required.

Automatic upgrades

Rust and Oxide updates will be automatically applied to your servers with minimal downtime.

Instant setup

Get your server setup within 10 seconds.

Easy config

We list hundreds of Rust server settings for you to fine tune your server easily.

5 days refund

5 days money back guarantee, with just a click. No questions asked.

Custom map

Native support for custom maps. Upload and play with your fantastic map with just a few clicks.

Simple backup

One-click server backup for free, fine control which part to restore (map / BP / plugins / etc.).

Scheduled tasks

Run all kinds of tasks on a regular basis: backup, restart, wipe and RCON commands.

uMod Plugin library

Plugin library with all Rust plugins from, constantly updating. One-click installation.

Always online

Your server is monitored 24/7 and will be brought up instantly if it crashed in rare cases.

Full FTP support

For hard-core users, we provide full FTP access so you are in total control of your server.

Free website

Modern website for each of your server, and of course for free.

Constantly Improving

Dec 31, 2018

One-click Rust:IO install

Install the popular live map extension into your server with just a click.

Oxide auto update

Oxide can be updated automatically when there is a new version. Don't need to worry about plugin failures and server crashes caused by outdated Oxide.

Dec 16, 2018

Dec 03, 2018

Plugin Config File Editor

View and edit all Oxide and plugin config files directly in control panel with syntax highlighting.

Easy Owner/Moderator Management

Add yourself and your friends as server admin should be an easy task now.

Nov 18, 2018

Oct 5, 2018

Official Release

Rust server hosting and management should be straightforward and frustration-free.

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